Power Hr Expert, Skills Developer

Power HR Expert logoPower HR Expert Libya is a consulting company in human resources; it develops and offers a range of customized HR services to the specifications of business. It aims to provide its customers with quick solutions with important added value for its human resource requirements and to meet the new challenges facing companies and employees. Its areas of expertise are:

 - Recrutement
 - HR Diagnostic
 - Recruitment engineering


Power HR Expert recrutes.A recognized and approved partner committed to results. A real choice, with a short list of several candidates evaluated and motivated to join you. The evaluation of individual performance, potential and suitability of a person for an office is the heart of our business. The expertise of our team allows us to target qualified candidates for our customers, to solicit them and implement research strategies and adopted selection tools. Find out more...

HR Diagnosis

Power HR Expert recrutes.You can evaluate your team and further enhance the effectiveness of your action through an HR diagnosis. It is realizable that you agree to suit your needs for:

 -Getting an image of your human resources with regard to your future projects,  -Knowing the holdings factors to identify,
 -Knowing the sources of support for action,
 -Having appropriate options to implement its projects.

Recruitment engineering

Power HR Expert recrutes.You want to :
 - Entrust us with some of your recruitment projects ?
 - Recruit anywhere in Tunisia, Libya or abroad in a short time ?
 - recruit a team in a single recruitment process ?
We can handle it...